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Title: Burning Out
Author: C4PyroGirl
Rating: R
Pairing: ZaphodArthur
Warning: Mentions of sex. TWT. Fluff...and some angst.
I guess this could be considered AU cause it's Movie!Zaphod and Movie!Arthur, though Ford is really Book/BBC!Ford, and Trillian is Trillian. ^^ My mom took the CPU.

It was then that Arthur Dent realized he was burning himself out by waiting for Zaphod.

'Maybe Zaphod's burning out, too.'

It didn't matter that every time Zaphod left, sometimes even for weeks at a time, that he hurt. A few times he had worried himself to the point of collapse. During those times he would often wonder if he was good enough.

However then Zaphod would return usually with an odd, and sometimes expensive trinket or two. FOR HIM. Being with Zaphod made him forget everything. Zaphod was very good at making him forget.

If it was one thing that Zaphod Beeblebrox didn't like, it was feeling helpless. Which was exactly how he felt when he was around Arthur Dent. He knew he was hurting him by leaving but he needed to get things figured out. He also didn't like feeling confused and Arthur was one of the most confusing people he knew, and he knew a lot of hoopy people.

He felt something around Arthur. It was stronger than any feeling he had ever felt. He didn't know how or why it happened, but he fell in love with Arthur Dent.

'The look on Monkeyman's face was more than worth it.'

When the trips out became less about him and more about the earthman that shared his bed, Zaphod knew he was in deep. He had been ignoring the problem until Ford whacked him across the back of his head and threatened to castrate him if he didn't hurry up and do something.

He ignored the near orgasmic sigh of the Heart of Gold's many doors, Eddie's insistent rambling, and Marvin's paranoid droning.

"Arthur, yo Monkeyman, you here?"

Before he had time to blink a familiarly clad blur launched himself at him.

"Woah there Monkeyman. Careful you'll crush your present."

Red puffy eyes regarded him in honest shock.

"Arthur, shit...I'm sorry."
"It's okay...you're back."

Arthur felt warm hands cup his face and a third hand rest at the small of his back.

"I'm back for good. No more running."
"What? Why?"
"Because I found out something I needed to know."
"You found the Question!?"
"No, but I have a question for you."

Zaphod took a deep breath to steady himself. He didn't want to screw this up. He COULDN'T screw this up. He released Arthur and dropped to one knee as he pulled out the ring.

"Arthur Dent will you marry me?"

After a few moments of silence Zaphod feared the worst, 'He's going to reject me. I haven't been there for him. I would reject me too.'


Zaphod stood up and began to walk away before realizing what Arthur had said.

"What did you say?"
"Uh... 'yes'?"

Ford did not look up from the Guide as he heard a loud Betelgeusian cry of victory.


Ford looked up and nearly dropped the Guide and his towel. Zahpod was smiling. A real smile. Not the airheaded one he usually wore. The older Betelgeusian was practically glowing. He hauled Ford out of his chair.

"He said yes!"
"Isn't there someone you're supposed to be celebrating with?"

Ford was left alone with his Guide and towel as a blur of Galactic Ex-President left the room at a super-alien speed. The speed of a man who's going to get laid...repeatedly.

"What his hurry?" Trillian asked.
"He's going to have hot man smex with Arthur."
"Oh, why?"
"Oh. I need a drink."
^^ I had a lot of fun writing this. ^^ I think Arthur has separation issues. ^^ And we all know Zaphod's got issues too.
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